Current highlights



January 6th Brussels City Hall Recital


January 14-19 Stockholm OModernt


January 22-27 Tampere International Festival


February 15 Düsseldorf Beethoven Sonatas Cycle (first concert)


March 7 Klagenfurt


March 8 Vienna Musikverein


March 20 Frankfurt


April 7th London Recital with Julius Drake and Natalie Clein


April 11-14 Latvia Vasks Concerto


April 16-22 Düsseldorf Festival


May 11 Dresden Frauenkirche „Tabula Rasa“


May 19-25 Whittington Festival


June 7-8 Zurich Masterclass


June 13/14 Monaco Masterclass


June 15-18 Stockholm


July 15-18 St. Moritz Master Class


July 18 Oxford


July 23 Berlin Konzerthaus







March 24 Beethoven Triple Concerto Mumbai


April 6-9 Wigmore Hall


April 10 Zurich Competition Jury


April 22-24 Stockholm Musikaliska


April 28 Oxford with Natache Kudritskaya and Brian O’Kane


June 1 Wigmore Hall


June 9 OnForm Festival Asthall Manor


June 14-20 Stockholm O/Modernt Festival


June 28 Oxford with Abel Selaocoe and Gareth Lubbe


July 17-21 Kuhmo Festival Lark Ascending, Vivaldi Concertos


July 24 Copenhagen Chamber Music with Marianna Shirinyan and Andreas Brantelid


August 29 Chamber Music with Polina Leschenko and Marie Hallynck


October 3-7 Oxford Chamber Music Festival


October 28 Schloß Elmau Recital with Yefim Bronfman


November 5 Stockholm Konzerthuset Recital


November 9 Royal Academy of Music London Masterclass


November 11 Wimbledon International Music Festival


November 23 Düsseldorf Recital with Polina Leschenko